The Trades Council maintains fraternal/sororial relations with a range of organisations in the labour movement.  Predominantly our links are with trade unions, a number of whose branches are affiliated to us, but we also maintain affiliations ourselves to several democratic and campaigning organisations, and we support and publicise the work of a number of other organisations.


Trade Unions

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Is your union here? If not, then maybe your branch isn't affiliated. 


Our Affiliations

Tyne & Wear County Association of Trades Union Councils

Newcastle & Gateshead TUC Centre Against Unemployment

Tyne & Wear Anti-Fascist Association  

Newcastle Tenants' Federation

Newcastle Law Centre

Tyne & Wear May Day Committee

Christmas Dance for Peace and Solidarity

Peoples Press Printing Society - publishers of the Morning Star

Labour Research Department

Justice for Colombia

Cuba Solidarity Campaign

Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign

Campaign Against Euro-Federalism  


Other Organisations

The Trades Council is not affiliated to the following organisations, but it does broadly support their aims:

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

Stop the War Coalition

North East Pensioners Association  

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The Lucas Aerospace Shop Stewards’ Combine’s Alternative Corporate Plan of 1976 was a pioneering effort by workers at the arms company to retain jobs by proposing alternative, socially-useful applications of the company’s technology and their own skills. A 40th anniversary conference, sponsored by (among others) Newcastle TUC, was held in Birmingham on 26 November 2016.
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Newcastle Trades Union Council

– known, more colloquially, as “Newcastle TUC”, “Newcastle Trades Council” or simply “The Trades Council”. This is our newly redesigned web site and we shall gradually be adding more material to it as time progresses. The Trades Council is the link between the trade union movement and the wider community in the City of Newcastle.

Get involved! Affiliation rates are only 12p per member per year (minimum £10). You can download our 2017 affiliation form HERE .