On this part of the web site you can find list of upcoming events, plus the calendar of meetings of the Full Trades Council and its Executive Committee


Saturday 3rd May Tyne and Wear May Day 2014
Saturday 14th / Sunday 15th June
Trades Union Councils Conference (Cardiff)
Saturday 12th July Durham Miners Gala

All at the Trades Council's Building, 4 Cloth Market, 7.00 pm.
Wednesday 8th January Full Council
Thursday 16th January Executive Committee
Wednesday 5th February
Full Council
Thursday 20th February
Executive Committee
Wednesday 5th March
Full Council
Thursday 20th March
Executive Committee
Wednesday 2nd April
Ful Council
Thursday 17th April
Executive Committee
Wednesday 7th May Full Council
Thursday 15th May Executive Committee
Wednesday 4th June Full Council
Thursday 19th June Executive Committee
Wedneday 2nd July Full Council
Thursday 17th July Executive Committee
Wednesday 6th August
Full Council
Thursday 21st August Executive Committee
Wednesday 3rd September Full Council
Thursday 18th September Executive Committee
Wednesday 1st October Full Council
Thursday 16th October Executive Committee
Wednesday 5th November Full Council
Thursday 20th November Executive Committee
Wednesday 3rd December Full Council
Thursday 18th December Executive Committee

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The Lucas Aerospace Shop Stewards’ Combine’s Alternative Corporate Plan of 1976 was a pioneering effort by workers at the arms company to retain jobs by proposing alternative, socially-useful applications of the company’s technology and their own skills. A 40th anniversary conference, sponsored by (among others) Newcastle TUC, was held in Birmingham on 26 November 2016.
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Newcastle Trades Union Council

– known, more colloquially, as “Newcastle TUC”, “Newcastle Trades Council” or simply “The Trades Council”. This is our newly redesigned web site and we shall gradually be adding more material to it as time progresses. The Trades Council is the link between the trade union movement and the wider community in the City of Newcastle.

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